Festival Park Complex


Historic Meyers Homestead

The house now known as the Historic Meyers Homestead is recognized as an historical landmark at 120 Meyers Ave.

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Pennsylvania Maple Festival History

Visitors to the homestead can see part of the original structure including its first kitchen with the large stone fireplace and log walls.

Location: 120 Meyers Ave.


The Kids Corner

At Maple Festival Park, a booth exists just for our youngest visitors.

Kids' Corner is included as part of your admission fee into Maple Festival Park. The booth is located behind Maple Manor and next to the Festival Park Stage.

Inside, children can make crafts, have their faces painted, or find a number of other fun activities. Who knows, maybe your children will learn about the maple industry.

Artists & Crafters

Artists and Crafters from everywhere come to the Pennsylvania Maple Festival to show off their creations.

some of the items at Festival Park



leather crafts




candy making


chair caning


and much more...


tole painting

wheat weaving

broom making

oil paintings





dried flowers


While at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival some of our Crafters and Artists are busy at work. You have the opportunity to watch these talented people make their creations. The Maple Festival's Arts and Crafts are set up so you can meet the creator of the items and talk to these unique people.

All of our arts and crafts are kept under roof at Festival Park. Some craft booths surround the outdoor stage. Most vendors are in our large arts and craft building which is easily accessible and located across from Historic Meyers Manor.

Just above is the list of some of the crafts you may expect to see at this year's Pennsylvania Maple Festival shown above.

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Vendor / Concessionaire

Agreement Form

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Maple Festival FAIR Rules & Categories

Festival Park - Living History

One way to make the early settlement of Meyersdale come to life is through the use of costumed historic interpreters.

As you journey through Maple Festival Park and take in the Legend of the Magic Water, you will learn about the people, lifestyles, politics, and belief that laid the foundation for the Meyersdale Community and the Pennsylvania Maple Festival.


Beer  & Wine Garden

Join us for our 1st Annual Beer & Wine Garden!

Guests age 21 and over can enjoy tastings from local breweries and vineyards.

COST is $5 per person plus $5 Festival general admission ticket: total $10, which includes beer and wine tasting,  admission to Festival Park & Quilt Show and a souvenir glass.

Photo ID will be required.

B&L Wine Cellars, Christian Clay Winery and Whitehorse Mountain Brewery may be represented.

Calendar / Schedule

The  Country  Store

The Country Store is a part of rural life that older folks fondly remember.

Everything you could need was found on its well-stocked shelves.


Our Country Store has been an integral part of the Pennsylvania Maple Festival since 1968 selling all types of maple products and souvenirs.

Concessions & Vendors

Crafts will be located in the craft building in Festival Park and outside shelters on the grounds of Festival Park

Food Vendors will be located in Festival Park and outside up town on Main Street in Meyersdale

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Vendor / Concessionaire

Agreement Form

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Maple Festival FAIR Rules & Categories

Spotza - Yum!

One of the unique foods derived from maple syrup is called Spotza.

Spotza is made by boiling maple syrup down to the soft ball stage (about 238 degrees F) and then pouring it over crushed ice.


This forms soft, clear taffy which should be eaten immediately in order to obtain its full value.

Outdoor Stage & Entertainment

Live entertainment is featured throughout the Festival on the outdoor stage in Festival Park.

Schedule to be updated...

please exercise patience.


Schedule of  entertainers usually available by beginning of March

Dr. Creed C. Glass Country Doctor's Office

Be sure to see the Doctor's Office in Historic Meyers Homestead at Maple Festival Park.

Dr. and Mrs. Creed C. Glass donated to the Pennsylvania Maple Festival all the valuable antiques from the town's first hospital, the Hazel McGilvery, named for Dr. Glass' wife.


Maple Fair

The Pennsylvania Maple Festival recently added the Maple Fair as another interesting attraction to the festival.

The Maple Fair allows individuals who are talented in crafts, gardening and other hobbies a chance to compete in a contest open to Pennsylvania residents.

General Rules


Please read Rules and Regulations governing Maple Fair


For any questions, please contact Amber in the Maple Festival Office (814-634-0213) or Bonnie Foxwell (814-634-8175).

The Cobbler's Shop

The demonstrations are in the building across from Historic Meyers Manor. The building is recognizable by the smoke coming out of its chimney and the sweet smell in the air.

The Cobbler Shop is especially unique. It was purchased in its entirety and reputed to be "the most complete cobbler shop east of the Mississippi."


Once the property of Charles A. Dively, the cobbler shop consists of a cobbler's bench, sewing machine, more than 100 wooden patterns and lasts for shoes and boots.

Sugar Shack & Sugar Camp

The demonstrations are in the building across from Historic Meyers Manor. The building is recognizable by the smoke coming out of its chimney and the sweet smell in the air.

In this building you will learn how maple producers boil-off the water and turn it into syrup and other maple products that we commonly use.

In the sugar camp many interesting things take place. The sugar water is stored in a large holding tank and flows into an evaporator pan by gravity. The sap has a 2 - 2 1/2% sugar content.

The water enters the rear of the pan  which has several sectional flat pans and is preheated in each section. One front section is the final stage, where the sap is boiled at 185 degrees and then filtered through pressure to remove all sugar white sand problems.

The sap contains calcium malate in the solution, the same as in hard water. The heat in the boiling process solidifies it.


One gallon of maple syrup weighs 11 pounds, condensed from 40 to 50 gallons of sugar water.

March 17 & 18  and  March 21 - 25, 2018


Maple Festival



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Mar 22, 2018

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